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Helping families navigate the special education process since 2002

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Need Help? Don't Go It Alone!

Navigating the special education process for a child with a disability can be an overwhelming task.  Creating an appropriate education plan for your child can make a lifelong positive impact.  My IEP Advocate can help!


We specialize in helping families with the special education process in Florida, and throughout the United States.  Whether you need help with an IEP, Section 504 Plan, or Gifted Education Plan, My IEP Advocate is your guide to special education success!  We will simplify complicated issues, help you understand the process, and recommend a plan of action.

Empowering you to help your child with a disability 

succeed in school is our purpose!

Frustrated? Confused?

We are here for you when you need it most.

Consult with an Expert

Our Special Education Consultant & Advocate, Amy Scott Lorton, brings the benefit of personal experience to the table, as well as extensive training and certification in special education laws and advocacy, the IEP process, parents' rights, school obligations, and parent options.  Amy has over 20 years of experience helping parents navigate the special education process through skillful consultation and insightful parent training, empowering families to become their child’s best advocate.
Amy holds a Certificate in Special Education Advocacy from William and Mary Law School, and is an active member of Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA), and National Association of Professional Special Education Advocates (NAPSEA). Amy earned her teaching certificates from multiple states and has experience teaching students with many types of disabilities.

Don't go it alone! Get expert help from My IEP Advocate!
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Amy Scott Lorton is a non-attorney advocate and does not offer legal advice or legal services. The consultant does not make guarantees about the successful result of any suggestions or actions on your behalf, and all statements are matters of opinion only.

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