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What Clients Say About Amy

      "Thank goodness for Amy’s help!  She has helped me with every step of the process.  Amy attended meetings, explained what to expect next, what my son’s rights are, and what I needed to do to keep the process going.  Her wealth of knowledge in special education advocacy is extensive and impressive.  Amy is very professional, and I feel I have a true ally in getting help for my son.  I very highly recommend her!”

– mother of a middle schooler with autism and ADHD

     "After consulting with Amy we had the best IEP meeting ever!"-Parent of a high schooler with ADHD, autism, and Seizure Disorder

     "My son has an IEP and we had issues with the school district. We reached out to Amy and she was amazing all the way. I highly recommend her if you aren't getting anywhere with the school. She's simply the best!" -Mother of a middle schooler with ADHD, ODD, and Autism

     "Amy's help changed my daughter's life!!!"

-Mother of a student with learning disabilities

     "Amy's workshop was a godsend and a life raft in an already overwhelming school system. Her wealth of knowledge allowed us to go into the new school year with great relief and understanding. "

-Grandparent of a student with a specific learning disability

     "Amy is the best! She helped us with so many issues. I highly recommend her!"

-Grandmother of middle schooler with autism and specific learning disabilities

      "The strategies Amy suggested all worked like a charm! The school agreed to all of my requests! Glad I consulted with her before the IEP meeting!"

-Mother of a middle schooler with Autism

            "Amy has an enormous amount of knowledge regarding special needs students and their IEPs.  Not only does she understand the legal rights we as parents have, but also knows how to approach the school system in a way that helps the parent-teacher relationship. Her objective approach to our son’s needs helped us navigate through the emotions of the educational challenges that we face in our school systems. Amy has provided us with the tools we need to help our son through school. "

 -Parents of a high schooler with a cognitive disability

     "Amy is worth every penny!" -Mother of a Kindergartner with autism

       "The training Amy did was very beneficial. I was afraid that with my teaching degree I might not get as much out of the training as others would, but I did. A great refresher for me. It was very detailed and organized. I appreciate the little added things that were mentioned just coming from a mother's perspective. Two thumbs up for sure!"

-Teacher and mother of a preschooler with Downs Syndrome

      "Amy is your guide to special education success!"

-Mother of a gifted elementary student with autism

YES! I’d like to request a consultation regarding my child’s education!
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