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How Can Hiring An Advocate Help Me?

Your child's success in school is our goal


We can help you prepare for meeting, including proposing goals and objectives, reviewing supportive evidence and materials, helping put concerns and requests in writing, and providing effective strategies for the meeting. 

We can review and analyze all special education documents, including student files, assessment reports, supportive evidence and materials such as doctor and therapists' reports, and IEPs, Gifted EPs and Section 504 Plans and discuss findings with you. 

We can assist you with drafting letters and written requests or complaints to the school, district, or the State Department of Education. 


We can inform you of your rights and suggest appropriate special education services and programs to meet your student’s individual needs. 



We can articulate the meaning of assessments and reports and explain them with regard to your child’s educational needs. 


We can accompany you to IEP, Gifted EP, and Section 504 Plan meetings and provide advice and assistance as needed throughout the special education process. 



We can review draft IEP, Gifted EP, and Section 504 Plan documents and advise you before you sign them. 



We can help you get your concerns heard by the school district and help you resolve a dispute. 



We can assess the strength of your case and make recommendations on how to proceed and refer you to a special education attorney, if needed, should you believe that you are ready to take your case to due process or file a complaint. 



We can empower, inform, guide and educate parents and students to strengthen their own advocacy skills. 


YES! I’d like to request a consultation regarding my child’s education!
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