About the Advocate

Amy Scott Lorton, Special Education Consultant & Advocate

Amy Scott Lorton has been offering direct training and advocacy support to parents on the special education process since 2002. Amy has over two decades of education experience as well as personal experience raising a child with a disability.

Amy served as Special Education Consultant and Advocate for both Autism Pensacola Inc., and Escambia County School District of Florida. Amy regularly partners with disability support agencies and non-profit organizations to offer quality consulting and advocacy services, and IEP and Section 504 Plan informational training and workshop opportunities for parents and professionals.

While teaching, Amy was responsible for developing and implementing students' IEPs and Section 504 Plans to meet her students' special needs. Therefore, Amy has the advantage of knowledge, training, and experience as a former educator, consultant, advocate, and as a parent of a child with autism.

Amy writes articles for various publications and answers questions on her website's blog, Ask the Advocate.

Amy holds a Certificate in Special Education Advocacy from William and Mary Law School, and is an active member of Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA), and National Association of Professional Special Education Advocates (NAPSEA).  Amy earned her teaching certificates from multiple states and has experience teaching students with many types of disabilities.

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