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How can hiring an Advocate help me?

Q: “How can hiring a special education advocate help me?" ​A: In many ways! Read on…

Get Informed Amy can….

  • inform you of your rights and suggest appropriate special education services and programs to meet your student's individual needs.

  • articulate the meaning of assessments and reports and explain them with regard to your child's educational needs.

Get Organized Amy can….

  • help you prepare for the IEP meeting - including proposing goals and objectives, reviewing supportive evidence and materials, helping put concerns and requests in writing, and providing strategies for the IEP meeting.

  • review all special education and section 504 documents, including student files, assessment reports, IEPs and Section 504 Plans.

  • assist you with drafting letters and written requests or complaints to the school, district, or the State Department of Education.

Get Empowered Amy can….

  • accompany you to IEP, Section 504, and other school meetings and provide advice and assistance as needed throughout the IEP process.

  • review IEP documents and advise you before you sign them.

  • help you get your concerns heard by the district and help you resolve a dispute.

  • assess the strength of your case and make recommendations on how to proceed and refer you to a special education attorney, if needed, should you believe that you are ready to take your case to due process or file a complaint.

  • empower, inform, guide and educate parents and students to strengthen their own advocacy skills.

​Amy's primary responsibility is to represent the best interests of the student in the educational process.

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